VB 1224 Lofts Condominium Association

Contact Us

Mari Anna McKenzie, Property Manager, LMS

Kathleen Weinstein, Regional Director, LMS

Manuel Aguilera, Lead Building Maintenance Technician

Jose Herrera, Assistant Building Maintenance Staff

Rickey Carter, Lead Lobby Attendant

Office 312-226-8130 | Fax 312-226-8138

Front Desk 312-738-1320

E-mail: 0444@lmsnet.com


Management Office Hours

Monday - Friday      8:00am - 4:00pm


Board of Directors

President: Brian Hornstein

Treasurer: Mark Lee

Secretary: Benjamin Cook

Director: Krupa P. Patel

E-mail: 0444@lmsnet.com


Do you have any ideas for updates Rules & Regulations?  To download the current Rules & Regulations, you will need to set up your Estar account on the Lieberman Management Services Website.

Download them now:  RULES & REGULATIONS

E-mail: 0444@lmsnet.com



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